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We Support Small Businesses to Become More Successful

Build Your Online Presence

We create a professional-looking website for you very easy quickly, your small business needs to be in the online space. Research from the E-commerce Wiki indicates that 88% of consumers now research purchases online before purchasing in a store.

We create a simple website that describes who you are, what you do, and how to contact you will suffice for many small businesses. Contact us, we assist to build your website with the minimum, your site should contain:

  • Your logo
  • Your business name
  • A summary of what you do—your products and services
  • Your contact information
  • Your address, including a Google Maps link
  • Your mission, e.g. “We make the best pizza in town…”
  • Testimonials from customers

Depending on your target market, social media can be a great way to promote your business as well. Establishing a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is standard for most businesses these days. We have the expertise to support and implement your social media requirements and integration.

Go Mobile

If you do nothing else with mobile technology, we will help you to make sure that your online presence, including your business website, is mobile friendly. Increasing numbers of people are surfing and searching with their phones—even when they’re at home.

But there are two other trends that could benefit your small business from our expertise. The first is mobile marketing. There are myriad mobile-specific strategies you could be using to reach your target market with great effect, from text message advertising and mobile display ads to having your own business app designed.

Mobile payment systems represent your other opportunity. The choices for paying by phone are now endless. Offering pay-by-phone services is a significant convenience to customers, but your small business could also realize considerable savings and profits from being able to use our services.

We help you to get into the Cloud

There is no doubt that cloud computing has levelled the playing field for startup businesses, but the serious advantages of using the cloud for “ordinary” established businesses are not always discussed.

Cost savings and access from anywhere are the biggest advantages to moving some of your business processes to the cloud. If, for instance, your business changes from a desktop small-business accounting program to a cloud-based accounting application, you would no longer have to install desktop software (saving IT costs for installation, backups, updates, etc.) and you can access your business accounts from anywhere, including from mobile devices.

Make This Year Your Best Ever

Here’s the big takeaway: Success is not a given. Given the global challenges and if you want your small business to be more successful this year, we can assist you to make the necessary changes to bring that about.

That work may be as simple as investing in our products and services as challenging as changing your thinking about some of your business processes. But you haven’t brought your business this far only to let it stagnate, have you? Make the next year your best year yet. Visit our website or contact +27 809 0317 to find out more.