About Us

We are a leading-edge technology company with extensive business expertise to digitally transform businesses. Our work spans the globe with projects in many African countries, Europe, the USA, South America, Australia, and Asia Pacific countries. Our services cover a wide range of key industry sectors e.g. Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial Services, Agriculture, FMCG, Information Technology and  Government Institutions. Our professional services provide a pragmatic approach to unlock exponential business growth opportunities.

We focus our strengths and expertise on the following two (2) core services:

  • Disruptive Information Technology Solutions
  • Adaptive Human Resource Management   

These services are further expanded into the following business benefits:

  • Reinventing key areas of the business
  • Creating a competitive edge in the market place
  • Redefine the value add that businesses are offering to their customers
  • Creating innovative and new sources of revenue
  • Producing more with fewer overheads
  • Faster go-to-market strategy
  • Creating flexible processes to enhance customer experiences
  • Increasing profitability in a constantly changing and evolving business landscape

We host a niche portfolio of tailor-made business applications to support these services and could be rapidly deployed (within days) at a fraction of traditional IT implementation cost. These digitized business solutions are hosted in the cloud or on-premise with white-label options. 

We are passionate about our business and comprehend the need to be flexible and sensitive towards business demands. We are a certified B-BBEE Level 1 contributing company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

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