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e-Learning Solutions & Services

Interactive, intuitive and scalable e-learning solutions that transform the knowledge delivery for all stakeholders such as educational institutions, education content providers, and corporate training centers

Enabling Education Providers and Innovators to:

Validate concepts & ideas

Validate concepts and transform ideas into concrete requirements with our exclusive Discover & Frame workshop. Our data-driven proof of concept approach enables you to pursue ideas that have real business value and can generate profitable revenue.

Transform ideas into reality

Bring your most complex e-learning software idea to life with our comprehensive software development services. Having built more than 20 applications for education delivery domain, Daffodil is in a unique position to bring ideas from the whiteboard into the market through UI/UX design, programming, testing, and product sustainability.

Seamlessly deliver learning content

Develop robust e-learning solutions that provide an experiential learning to users by incorporating latest and research-backed features such as real time messaging, video conferencing with adaptive bitrate streaming, gamification, caching etc.

Innovate & stay ahead of the curve

Continuous experiments with the latest technologies, design patterns and development methodologies to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. Our research provides you with a strategic advantage for challenges that require breakthrough solutions.

Turn data into insights

We help you discover, interpret and communicate relevant and useful patterns in your data and get rich visualization of the resulting insights and reports. Develop custom dashboards to handle structured or unstructured data to identify new business opportunities.

Our e-Learning Software Services Include:

State-Of-The-Art LMS

Interactive, user friendly and custom experiential learning management systems integrated with rich learning environments and courses that utilize video, audio, text, surveys & more to provide and experiential learning to users.

Learner Information

Turn your video content into point-of-sale…Tailor made learner information that collect, organize and maintain learner information through web-based mobile or desktop applications. Incorporate features such as registration, transcripts, grade results, schedule building, attendance tracking and much more.

Gamification & Assisted Learning Solutions

Unshackle language barriers and transform your customer support… Boost learning capability of your content through intuitive gamification techniques & processes. We help you gamify your learning content by enhancing it with graphics and incorporating immersive multilevel games, quizzes, challenges with clear KPI’s.