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Frequently Asked Questions

All our services are supported remotely. We use a range of widely used teleconferencing tools. Not only do we save time and increase productivity, but cost too benefiting our clients.   

Embarking on a digital journey is unique to each company. There needs to be a clear business strategy led by the leadership team, and critically important that your IT investment is completely aligned with this strategy. This includes all other functions deemed core to the business. Expertise in this regard is crucially important to plan, develop and assist the business to execute. Normally this requires a complete mind shift change to realize the benefits.

Creating an innovative culture in the business has to be led by the leadership of the company. This must be aligned with the overall objectives and delivery and should formally form part of each and every employee’s targets. We have several mature strategies, processes and tools to bring about this culture shift in a very short space of time. Our methods could support your company to create this innovative and creative culture.

In our experience, we have found that most IT investments are focussed on non-core activities. This will always hinder IT to ever becoming a profit center. It is important to fully understand the business strategy and to review all the key businesses processes. Not only do we want to streamline these processes, but also to create a competitive edge in the market place. This process of implementation will highlight the non-core functions in all areas of the business.  

It all starts with a clear medium to long term business strategy. The first phase thereafter would be to map out the current business model. Once this is established, the next phase would be to map out the future business model and the gaps identified between the current and future. The final phase would be to develop an investment plan to implement the gaps identified over an agreed period based on criteria e.g. effort, time and cost. During the entire process, we also focus on quick-wins for the business. 

Book a free 45-minute consultation for us to understand your business requirements. You may also contact our office on +27 87 809 0317, send us a WhatsApp or email us at to discuss further.

We thrive on our past success stories. Our rates are reasonably priced and market-related. Our competitive advantage is that we have extensive knowledge globally and locally and we have a track record of delivering on expectations. We are open to creating a competitive edge for your company thereby creating a win-win situation for all parties. 

The three-phased process to gather requirements and to come up with an investment plan could take anything from 2-6 months but this is highly dependant on the type and magnitude of organisation. We would be in a stronger position to give accurate details once an initial scoping exercise has been concluded.   

We believe that giving a company exclusivity has a time constraint attached and limits growth prospects in that organisation. We prefer to build a massive competitive advantage for our clients that are sustainable and profitable for the medium to long term, more so to create a platform to reinvent themselves on a continuous basis to remain relevant in a very competitive business environment.   

We have a formal process before engaging with any client by entering into non-disclosure and secrecy agreements. In addition, we also limit our service engagements within certain industry sectors to strengthen such client-specific confidentially requirements.  We do however discourage exclusivity agreements.  

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