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What is BlueDart E-Learning & Collaboration (BDEC LMS)?

In our experience, the role of a Learning Management System (LMS) is to provide a tool that can adapt to the needs and wishes of the user. Providing “the right tool for the job” may be fine for single-purpose tools (a hammer, a fork or a pencil). For a complex tool such as an LMS, however, it is a combination of the platform’s wide range of flexible and adaptable features and the educator’s creative use of those features that will, in time, result in courses which reflect an appropriate specific learning methodology, be it social constructivism, instructionalism, behaviorism, radical constructivism, symbolic interactionism, etc. BDEC LMS acknowledges the role of the educator in choosing their own teaching approach and strives to ensure that all of these educational paradigms can all be effectively implemented using various combinations of the flexible tools provided on its platform.

BDEC LMS enables you to develop fully fledged online courses using whatever paradigm/approach/method you as an educator (or your institution/company) feel comfortable with and, as such, makes sure you have the right tools for the job.

BDEC LMS is a digital learning management and collaboration system designed to support effective online education often referred to as e-learning. Our digital platform is highly matured with +175’000 users globally and has been developed through the collaboration of various companies, organizations and individuals.





In addition to having such a massive user base across the world in a relatively short space of time; BDEC is also supported by various global education associations whose key objective is to support the innovative digital platform and ensure its growth to the promotion of educating throughout the world. Such guarantees of continuing open access to education make BDEC LMS unique as an e-learning and collaboration system.

Who are we targeting?

This system has been extremely successful thus far and targeted at educators in mind: the many teachers, tutors, trainers, instructors and others involved in education who find themselves faced (through choice or necessity) with responsibility for managing an e-learning course.

Entering the world of e-learning can present a complex, even daunting, challenge, but we believe BDEC LMS in itself provides a welcome solution for newcomers. Learning how to use BDEC will take you a long way along the road to mastering many key aspects of a digitised e-learning and collaboration cloud-based platform.

If you are already an educator with experience in e-learning, you should find this tool extremely useful, detailed explanation of the workings of BDEC, and will be able to use it to further your skills in using e-learning tools to develop your courses.

BDEC LMS has two key aims:
  1. to support the educator in better responding to their students’ needs, and

  2. to make it so easy to build and edit high-quality digital learning materials that the educator can not only create but be inspired to develop and continuously improve their courses’ content.

What are the key benefits of BDEC LMS?

BDEC LMS comes bundled and can be adapted to educational or professional projects. An educator using BDEC can access a series of useful tools allowing them to easily and efficiently create an effective learning environment. On creating/editing a course he (or she) can:

  • import or create documents (audio, video, images) and publish them,

  • build tests and exams with automated scores and feedback as required,

  • build or import (SCORM and AICC) compliant courses,

  • set and receive virtual assignments,

  • describe the components of the course through description sections,

  • communicate through forums or chat,

  • publish announcements,

  • add links,

  • create workgroups or laboratory groups,

  • set up a virtual classroom (through the video conference extension),

  • manage scores through the assessments tool,

  • create surveys,

  • add a wiki to create documents collaboratively,

  • use a glossary,

  • use an agenda,

  • manage a project (through the blog tool),

  • enable tracking of learners in your courses,

  • register attendances,

  • elaborate a class diary (course progress),

  • plus many more features.

The BDEC LMS platform is extremely flexible. All its tools can be customized according to the needs of each course. It provides a friendly and intuitive user interface which requires no special prior technical knowledge or skills.

Sign-up and evaluate, we provide free access with full functionality to the BDEC LMS tool for educators & students.

Contact us, we would be delighted to partner by doing a proof of concept.


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