Client Success Stories

The partnerships with our clients are strategic and governed by strict non-disclosure agreements. This is mainly due to the nature of our engagements, competence and competitive edge we bring to the table for our clients. We are therefore unable to divulge specific client information. Notwithstanding the above, we have highlighted some success stories of the work that we’ve completed with our clients in the past 12-18 months.

Healthcare Industry: Delivered work for a South African subsidiary of a multinational healthcare company. We renegotiated their IT contracts with service providers with the aim of providing regional support instead of local SA only. This was concluded successfully and resulted in greater service levels at lower cost. It also provided a wider scope of work for the service providers to the group. We have been awarded an excellence certificate by the client international reporting subsidiary.

Engineering Industry: An engineering group of companies – with our findings and recommendations, an IT Steering Committee for the group was established and common IT support services were consolidated e.g. infrastructure, IT governance, software licensing and contracts. This allowed the group to utilise it’s IT assets more efficiently and resulted in a 22% cost reduction in IT spend giving them more flexibility and agility to respond to their business requirements. We also provide programme management support for strategic projects and other services to promote their brand.

IT Industry: We worked closely with a major IT company on their CSI initiative to promote small to medium enterprises. We have been awarded the opportunity to provide digital insights, create social media awareness and develop and promote their presence on the web for around 30 SME companies. The coaching and mentoring of these companies are ongoing with the involvement of our company. More than 50% of those company have grown their profit margins over the past year.

Agriculture Industry: We introduced drone technology on a few large-scale citrus farms. This technology enables the farmers to treat identified diseases quickly and only affected areas. The technology also assists with more accurate harvest estimates. Chill and heat units technology was also introduced to gain further insight related to the quality and yield of the harvest

Public Sector: Successfully piloted the interpretation of high-quality satellite imagery and transformed it to meaningful farm data identifying suitability for certain crops, agronomy input, temperature and other weather conditions using electronic sensors and portable weather stations. We are currently in talks with a niche international company to provide large-scale delivery of this solution across the African continent.

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