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Sharing learning materials – With our LMS’s rich resource toolkit, files and links to websites can be shared with learners easily. Pages of learning content – combining text, images and embedded video – can also be quickly created within a course.

Managing access to learning materials – Group students into year or class groups to automatically provide access to the appropriate learning materials. You can even control when specific course content becomes available to learners.

Restrict Access to our BlooCrush LMS Education

Updating course content – Edit 24/7 via a browser to update and add to course content for learners to access immediately.

Update Course Content on BlooCrush LMS Education.

Automated assessment – Why spend time marking when BlooCrush LMS can do it for you?! Use a variety of engaging question types in a Quiz to assess the learning. BlooCrush LMS can mark these and give immediate detailed feedback to the learners – ideal for both formative and summative assessment.

Managing work submissions – Learners can submit work and receive feedback and grades from the teacher. Teachers can also mark offline and can also incorporate their mark scheme to promote a consistent approach to marking. Teachers can also construct a comment bank to help supplement personalized feedback with pre-defined statements.

Communicating with learners – BlooCrush LMS’s messaging system allows learners and teachers to communicate easily. Teachers can also communicate with groups of learners via course forums either to provide answers to learners’ questions or to just get involved in discussions.

Monitoring progress / Reports – No more need for tracking sheets in Excel! BlooCrush LMS’s stores each learner’s scores from any graded activities. Snapshot reports can be viewed at any time to see how each learner is progressing through the course materials. There is also a full audit trail to monitor when and how regularly your learners are accessing resources.

Activity Completion Report BlooCrush LMS Education Activity completion report

Grader Report BlooCrush LMS Education Grader Report

Structured, flexible and a great time-saver … what’s not to like?

Benefits of BlooCrush LMS for the learners

Ease of use – it’s a great place for your learners, whatever their age, to become confident in using the web within a school-controlled environment.

Engaging content –with a variety of resource and activity types, learning on BlooCrush LMS can be fun! BlooCrush LMS supports a range of media to present or link to learning materials, support the learners and to assess their learning.

Communicating and collaborating with peers – Using the course forums, learners can discuss topics, share ideas and even feedback on each other’s work. The chat module in BlooCrush LMS allows a scheduled online messaging interaction – ideal for guest speakers or “live” discussion accessed from different locations at the same time.

Dashboard – Learners can customise their own homepage within the site to tailor information and links to their individual needs.

Testing themselves – the Quiz activity can give immediate feedback to the learners related to their answers so learners can regularly test themselves building their knowledge and confidence throughout their learning journey.

Quiz Questions –  Education Quiz question example in BlooCrush LMS

Accessing learning materials 24/7 – Learning resources are available to the learners whenever they want them. There’s even a Mobile App to make access even easier via smartphone or mobile device!

Self-reflection – BlooCrush LMS courses provide a personal space for learners to reflect on their learning journey which could include recording feedback and/or setting targets for the future.

Gamification – BlooCrush LMS’s Badges allow learners to be digitally rewarded for their achievements throughout their learning journey. Learners can stretch and challenge themselves to earn all the badges available to them in a course.

Engaging learning content and activities, and easy to access whenever you want… what’s not to like?

With a rich variety of tools to encourage your learners to participate in online learning, BlooCrush LMS is the ideal solution to bring your online classrooms into the 21st century.

BlueDart Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd has had the pleasure of working with many educational institutions and has vast experience within this sector and all its BlooCrush LMS service requirements.

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